1. Doron Merav

    Haifa-based designer Doron Merav’s modern take on wedding bands and engagement rings will make you think twice about any other jewelry brand.

    Seriously, look at his stuff and tell me you aren’t in love? If not, then just stop reading my blog.

    Check out his other beautiful stuff here.


  2. Smash Transit Bags

    A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? These bags by Smash Transit:

    Trust Nobody Tote

    Artist Not Vandal Tote

    Be About It Tote

    Check out there other cool stuff here


  3. OneFourteen: Looks for Inaugarution Day


    The Billy Reid outfits are a bit too casual, but so badass it really doesn’t matter.

    Outfit by Behnaz Sarafpour. I swear fur makes everything better.


  4. I’m not even a dude and I want these sneakers.

  5. suicideblonde:

    Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman at the London premiere of Les Miserables, December 5th

    So do you think hugh is a fan of her dress?


  6. OneFourteen: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Fall RTW 2012 Take Two!

    Phillip Lim for Inauguration Day, option 2. The sheer bottom, while kind of unrealistic for January in D.C. (but when was looking good ever about being realistic?), gives a very modern and sleek vibe to the outfit. Also, love the construction of the coat.

    Carla Bruni got nothin’ on FLOTUS.

    Image via style.com


  7. OneFourteen: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Fall RTW 2012

    Hi everyone! So sorry for the very late post. Things have been hectic on our end. Anyway, hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and stuffed yourself with the best food your local grocery stores had to offer.

    ANYWAY, back to the greatness that is FLOTUS. We were thinking it would be kind of cool if Mrs.Obama decided to a wear a slightly more casual suit look than usual for Inaugural Day. 

    If she wants to achieve this look, then the following outfit from Phillip Lim’s Fall RTW 2012 collection would do the trick:

    "Oh no biggie. Going to my second inauguration. No need to get too dressed up. Been there, done that."

    Huge fan of the white puffer coat. And the belt. Oh, and let’s not forget the white shirt with the dope collar.

    Images via style.com

    Stay tuned for more!


  8. OneFourteen: Doo.Ri, Fall RTW 2012

    Doo.Ri was one of the top best collections from 2012 New York Fashion Week (the other two being Altuzarra and Proenza Schouler). The whole collection was super modern and wearable. Just too cool for school. The four above outfits would look genius on FLOTUS. Which one is your favorite?

    Images from TheCut 


  9. OneFourteen: Azzedine Alaïa Fall Winter Haute Couture 2011 (Not Going to Happen, But Cool If it Did)


    As I’ve stated in the previous post, High Probabilities, Alaïa is not a possibility for Inauguration Day or the Inaugural Ball (unless of course FLOTUS wants every member of the CFDA to hate her with a passion of a thousand suns), but for the sake of entertainment, we picked the above outfits that we think would work well for Mrs.Obama on this festive day.  

    She’s worn him multiple times in the past (because what woman with class, sophistication, dough, and half a brain wouldn’t?) so no surprise if she did it again, but damn these outfits are the definition of high fashion.

    Wearing fur would be a big no-no for obvious reasons, but not going to lie; it kind of makes the outfit.

    What are your thoughts on Mrs. Obama wearing fur in general? If you aren’t a fan, then I recommend reading Alexandra Suhner Isenberg of Searching for Style and her arguments on why the manufacturing and donning of fur isn’t necessarily a bad thing:Fur can be Fair and One Hundred Days of Fur.

    She makes some really interesting points that I hadn’t previously considered. 

    Please share your thoughts!

    Images from vogue.co.uk


  10. OneFourteen: Christian Siriano FW 2012 RTW

    Wouldn’t it be dope if FLOTUS wore a leather corset gown such as this lovely one designed by Christian Siriano? 

    She would look like a modern day gothic queen. Look at that dress and tell me she couldn’t pull it off. Add some burgundy or uber dark red lipstick and BANGGG!!! You got yourself the best look in town. 



    Ok so maybe to make this more appropriate for the evening (but in general, to hell with appropriate!), she should add a pair of diamond drop earrings and bracelet to the mix. I’ll give you that much, FLOTUS & co.